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Report a Pet Lost or Stolen

Updated: May 5, 2022

Please inform Pet Data as soon as possible if your pet goes missing.

Check that your contact details are up to date.

You may wish to review your privacy setting to allow your contact details to be visible if your pet's 15 digit microchip number is entered into the Pet Data database, or given out to a member of the Pet Data team by an external party. This may facilitate a quicker reunification.

If you are not in a position to access your online account please call our 24/7, 365 lost and found number on 0582344649. Our customer service team will need to verify all callers before proceeding so please have the pet's microchip number to hand.

What to Do Next...

Contact Neighbors Posters

  • Contact vets, local charities and rescues to see if your pet has been found or handed in - give them the microchip number along with your contact details.

  • Inform your Municipality authority

  • Search the local area. Animals may become trapped in garages or sheds, so pay particular attention to these.

  • If you are a dog owner whose pet went missing whilst on a walk, trace the route, calling / whistling for your dog.

  • Let your neighbours know so they are aware.

  • Create and distribute missing posters to local grocery shops, security guards at the community, gyms, etc.

  • Contact your pet insurance provider (if applicable), as they may offer financial assistance and advice on missing pets.

Please remember to inform us if you are reunited with your pet via your Pet Data account or by messaging us.


Replying to

Lost this beautiful soul at JVT area district 8 . If found please contact us immediately please


Ramses is a microchipped and neutered 5-year old male tabby cat missing in the vicinity of Tuscan residences in JVC. Please call 0585077890 if found


Abdullah Alhammadi
Abdullah Alhammadi
Dec 23, 2023

Lost baby african grey, there will be a reward for any information regarding her


mariam shbeita
mariam shbeita
Dec 22, 2023

Lily is

a 5 years old domestic cat spayed and microchiped

Living in JVC close to circle mall but was lost in a park close to cart supermarket first time to be out and far from home

She's afraid of new people and she's very quiet

Multi coloured cat with beautiful eyes

Only eats digestive care dry food

Contact me on WhatsApp


Or call +971 58 585 5118

If you see her

She's lost since last night 21/Dec 2023

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